Wine Jelly- Take 2

09 May

I decided to try the wine jelly again and this time learn from my mistakes. I bought a giant bottle of red wine so I would not have to cut the recipe in half. Made sure the wine was not a super sweet one. I even brought a timer into the kitchen. And yet…

Project 23- wine jelly take 2 (1)

Disaster. The wine mixture boiled over creating a horrendous sticky mess. I had to take the oven apart to get to the underside and wipe it down. It was horribly sticky and slightly congealed thanks to the pectin. After cleaning the oven and letting it dry I decided to boil the jars shut this time, maybe that would help? Apparently not. When the wine boiled over I had to take it off the stove, thus the pectin-infused mixture was not heated for long enough and I had another set of jars full of syrupy and sweet wine.

Project 23- wine jelly take 2 (3)

For now I give up on this recipe.


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