Let Me Eat Cake

10 May

Bakerbots was recently voted best cake slice. For a second I was mad, best cake is from Dimpflemeier’s everyone knows that. Then I remembered, they don’t do slices, so it’s OK. I went to the original blog post about it and everything was not OK again. It said that they only offer chocolate chip banana cake and carrot cake. Don’t get me wrong, I like carrot cake. But best slice? It said that during the week there is one offering and it varies.

I decided to take my chances as I was back in the neighbourhood (I needed to get my frying pan back, we are now happily reunited- more on that soon). There was a 50-50 chance of chocolate chip banana cake it seemed and I was terrified of my luck. I was scared for nothing. Not only did they not have the dreaded banana monstrosity (especially given that earlier in the day I had a nibble of a banana cake my sister made, I had to try it out of courtesy) BUT they had the most glorious of all cakes! OREO!!! I cannot state enough how psyched I was about this. Cake is good. Oreos are good. Together though?! AWESOME.

Bakerbots- best cake slice (2)

The cake was everything I had hoped for. I preferred the chocolate cream in the centre than the buttercream on top and on the bottom layer, but that is just my personal dislike of most buttercreams. It was very fresh and piled high with fillings. The cake slices come in two options: small or regular and seeing as we were splitting it, I ordered a regular- it is enough for two people, a generous helping of cake each (in the above image that is my half).


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