Top O’ Tha Mornin’

11 May

Now that I have my frying pan back my kitchen is that much better. Earlier in the week I had been craving an omelet- no frying pan to make it with however. Plus the omlete was second in the queue. First I still had a small bottle of Bailey’s kicking aruond, one which I had specifically purchased in order to make Bailey’s french toast, courtesy of the Portabella’s.

Project 24- Bailey's french toast (2)

It is so tempting to just let the bread soak for a few minutes and then throw it on the frying pan, rather than having it marinate overnight. I resisted temptation and hid it in the fridge. It smelled so good, I was looking forward to the next morning. I was a tad worried that the bread would just turn into a sopping gross mess but thankfully that did not happen. In the morning I found two intact pieces of bread smelling of heaven. So tempting was the smell that I ended up adding a tiny bit of Bailey’s to my morning coffee. What could be better than Bailey’s french toast AND Bailey’s coffee? The actual flavour of the Bailey’s was rather subtle, but just enough to make it a new twist on french toast.

Project 24- Bailey's french toast (3)

A delicious success.

Project 24- Bailey's french toast (4)


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