Slow Cooker Pork Chops

03 Jun

My stash of frozen cooked chicken breasts was starting to run low and I just so happened to have 2 pork chops in the freezer and a day off. This could only mean one thing: slow cooker pork chops.

Project 27- slow cooker pork chops  (2)

As per usual, I had the idea before I had the ingredients so I would have to improvise. I swear I had a box of chicken broth cubes and it just got lost in the move. I had to resort to using Lipton Cup of Soup and just picking out as many of the noodles as I could- not an easy task. At least I now understand the importance of having a sieve in the kitchen. Up next: I had no poultry seasoning (had not even heard of it until today actually) so instead I used Old Bay seasoning, it has the word seasoning in it so it would seem to be close enough. Lacking basil, I added a sun-dried tomato seasoning I figured probably had basil in it (upon reading the label it did not). I lacked garlic both in powdered and real form and had to simply go without, hoping that maybe the chicken soup or Old Bay had some trace of garlic in it.

Project 27- slow cooker pork chops  (4)

Even with my copious substitutions the house smells great so I have my fingers crossed the pork chops will be tasty. Or at least edible.

Project 27- slow cooker pork chops  (5)

Success! They are delicious and due to the slow cooking: succulent. I would still like to retry the recipe with the proper ingredients however.

Project 27- slow cooker pork chops  (8)


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