Florida 2013- Day 7

08 Jul

Wed. June 19, 2013:

It was so hard to get up early, and not just because we had stayed up so late, but also because I did not want to leave. I was not done with Florida, I still had so many things to see and do. Originally we were supposed to fly out that night, but Air Canada decided to bump us to a much earlier flight. We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for one last caffeine run, it was sad. I used my receipt from last time to get another free donut- alas the chain was broken as I would not be able to redeem the free donut from my new receipt (hint, Dunkin’ Donuts come to Canada, hint).

Airport security was a horrible mess with a giant tight bottleneck and no clear direction, as the check-in. The Dunkin’ Donuts in the airport, no longer on a boil water alert, had only regular coffee and no flavours available- what good is that?! The shops had no good snacks, I was about to say that the airport really sucks, but then I found the duty free shop where I got a giant bottle of flavoured vodka for $20, much cheaper than in Canada.

The flight was crammed; I really do not know why we were bumped to it. The woman beside me fell asleep instantly, before we had even taken off. I had half a mind to wake her up and ask what her secret was. I can never fall asleep that fast.

In the end I did not get to eat an orange off a tree. I did not even see a single orange tree, but the fresh passion fruit more than made up for it. I just have to go back to Florida.


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