Pomegranate Glazed Chicken

10 Jul

It’s been a while since I made anything in the kitchen, subsisting on my stash of frozen chicken breast… until it ran out. Coincidentally No Frills was having a sale and I chanced upon some pomegranate juice and later some really cheap chicken breast. It was settled, I’d once again try my hand at a Martha Stewart recipe, this time for pomegranate-glazed chicken.

First a note: the chicken was so cheap because it had the bone in and the skin on, adding about 10 minutes of epic struggling and some more difficulty. For next time I will spend the extra money and save myself some time. The recipe is simple enough: mix the pomegranate juice and orange juice (in my case I had only 1 cup of pomegranate juice, so I made it an equal amount of both). Lacking a garlic press I diced it, again adding more time- and another item to my list of things I still need in my kitchen.

Project 29- Martha Stewart pomegranate glazed chicken (8)

I managed to successfully simmer the sauce until it was reduced to half its quantity, a first for me in the kitchen if I may sadly add. The only time consuming part really is the actual cooking of the chicken. The total cooking time is 20 minutes, but the recipe calls for basting the chicken every 5 minutes. At first I was against this, I considered just pouring it all in the tinfoil lined pan and walking away. I resisted the lazy temptation and set my oven timer to 5 minutes and basted as called for. A much better approach the making sure all the chicken gets basted, not just the bottom parts.

The chicken turned out delicious. I actually prefer it with the same amount of orange juice to pomegranate juice as it balances very well. I have had pomegranate chicken before where the pomegranate over powers. The vinegar that is added just before basting also helps to balance the sweetness with a bit of acidity.

This recipe is a definite keeper, simple, cheap and delicious.


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