Glazed Lemon Cookies

11 Jul

I never in my wildest dreams, thought I would be calling a Martha Stewart recipe simple and easy to make. But I am about to eat my words, as her recipe for glazed lemon cookies is so simple! You would think the addition of glaze would be extra work but it’s not, you just mix lemon juice with icing sugar and glaze the cookies. So simple, so delicious.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to get around to making these cookies, especially given that lemon cookies are delicious. Maybe it’s because it was a Martha Stewart recipe or maybe because of those dud lemon cookies I made last time (dud because of the recipe, not me).

I did cheat a little bit. As usual one or more required items/ingredients was missing* from my kitchen (as is the norm). Turns out I had no lemons in the house, because I switched to using bottled lemon juice for my tea. It’s so much simpler and less messy. Regardless the cookies turned out amazing, even if I made the glaze a bit more lemon-y than called for in the recipe.

*I am working on filling in the gaps, slowly but surely, alas more gaps arise as I continue my forays into the kitchen


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