Holy Magnum!

12 Jul

Ever wondered what diabetes would look like were it an object? I no longer do since last Saturday. Magnum ice cream opened a temporary (only for a month) pop-up shop smack downtown. I walked by it once and went home to Google it. I was set, I had to, just had to, go in.

Magnum Pop Up Ice Cream Shop (2)

Brent and I set out there last Saturday, musing about what toppings we would choose. The way it works is you choose a base ice cream flavour (chocolate or vanilla), then a coating it is dipped in (white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate) then some toppings to get thrown into the coating as it sets (the toppings range from coconut to Nerds to bacon bits, it is overwhelming to say the least, plan ahead) and finally a drizzle of milk, dark or white chocolate. Are you drooling yet?

Hands-down I had the better ice cream bar: chocolate ice cream, white chocolate coating, macadamia nuts, toffee bits and maple toffee with a dark drizzle. The white chocolate was really good, I never really like it much but this stuff was amazing. I was thrown off when the lady suggested only getting 3 toppings lest I overdo it. I had wanted to add sea salt to the mix and am remiss I had not stuck to my guns and gotten it. The bar was a tad too sweet and the salt would have balanced it well. Brent’s ice cream (vanilla, chocolate coating, Nerds, coconut, white chocolate bits and white chocolate drizzle) had the added benefit that the Nerds added some sour to even out the sweet.

It is worth the $6, unless you are pre- or full blown- diabetic. Or if you have severe trouble making decisions, they maybe skip this one.


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