Slow Cooker Honey BBQ Chicken Breasts

12 Jul

I hit a gold mine in the grocery store today: I ended up paying $10 for a kilo and a half of chicken breasts! First I found a bag of frozen chicken breasts (1kg) on sale, which was more than enough for one person. As I was leaving I found another half kilo on sale for half price because they have to be cooked within two or so days. SCORE.

Project 30- honey BBQ slow-cooker chicken (1)

I was eager to get back home and cook ’em up real nice. I had recently gone shopping and acquired such staples as soy sauce and rosemary. But going through the recipes on my Pinterest board it turns out I (still) lack some basics such as onions (for they are rather gross) and apparently I need ginger sauce. One thing I recently did add to my kitchen: honey.

SIDEBAR STORY TIME!: I was walking down the street and I saw a lady drinking a lemonade and the craving for it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I took a detour on my way home and bought a pitcher, some limes and some honey. I had bags of frozen strawberries in the fridge and when they thawed I squeezed some juice out. It was time to make strawberry-limeade. It was delicious and enjoyed by all. So much so that the next time my sister came by she asked if I had made more. Hah.

Strawberry Limeade:

5 limes juiced1/4 cup juice from strawberries
1 cup water
honey to taste

Project 31- strawberry limeade (2)

It turns out another thing I need so desperately in my kitchen is a juicer, not an electric one, just the cone that you use to squeeze lemons. My hand was killing me for 2 days after juicing 5 limes.

Lemon chicken was out of the question for now. As was anything with garlic, I did not feel like chopping. I was in the mood for something super easy. And I found it in this recipe for Slow Cooker Honey BBQ Drumsticks. Except I swapped in chicken breasts, and used spicy BBQ sauce. The recipe is simply summed up in a sentence: mix BBQ sauce and a bit of honey, pour over chicken, bake in crockpot for 6-8hrs. Voila, chicken.

Project 30- honey BBQ slow-cooker chicken (2)


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