Baked Lemon and Thyme Mushrooms

15 Jul

I was at my usual No Frills last week and it had looked like the end of the world was coming. I joked about an apocalypse and went on with my day. The next week I found out my joke wasn’t that far off, my No Frills is closing down! My only options will now be super-expensive grocery stores. What else can I do but stock up on as much as I can carry? With that massive stocking up comes massive cooking! Enter a new subseries in my Pinterest-inspired forays into the kitchen: Cooking for the Apocalypse. How fun!

I had been wanting to try this recipe for baked lemon and thyme mushrooms for a while now, I just never got around to it and never remembered to buy mushrooms- until now. Thankfully I noticed before I started that I had only a half pound of mushrooms, and adjusted the recipe accordingly. Can you imagine the disaster?*

Project 34- Lemon Thyme Baked Mushrooms (2)

The oil and thyme mixture was much thicker than I had expected, resulting in less of a drizzle and more of a dollop… and concentrated in one spot. I had to get in there and mix up the whole thing by hand, a messy affair to say the least. My hands were covered in bits of thyme, and although they smell delicious- they are still super greasy.

Project 34- Lemon Thyme Baked Mushrooms (4)

When it came time to add more seasoning and turn them I could not help myself, it smelled so good, I snuck one. Good thing I did, turns out I needed a bit more salt. Crisis averted**. Ok, well not entirely. In the process of putting the mushrooms in tupperware I ate quite a few, in fact close to a quarter of the batch. I couldn’t help myself! They are just so delicious! And they would go great on zapiekanki


a small baguette- cut in half, fried (or in the case above, baked) mushrooms
shredded cheese

Sprinkle the cheese and then the mushrooms on the baguette, and bake it until the cheese melts and the bread is crispy. Done.

Project 34b- Zapiekanki with mushrooms (2)

*expect many more apocalypse-related jokes in this cooking sub-series

**see above


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