Smores Pudding Cookies

19 Jul

My cookie cravings got the best of me and I found myself in the kitchen mixing up a batch of smores pudding cookies, THE perfect fix for a cookie craving. They’ve got everything: pudding, marshmallows, chocolate chips. And for once I had everything. This was one of those rare kitchen escapades wherein I had all the necessary ingredients and appliances and it shows. The dough was delicious, I had to hide it in the fridge not just because I am actually making the cookies for the weekend (it is Wednesday right now) but also to stop myself from eating it!! I even ended up baking a few just to “test” them and make sure they were in fact as delicious as the dough. They passed with flying colours, though I am unsure of how much dough will be left by Friday, when I actually intend on baking them.

Project 38- chef in training Smores Pudding Cookies

As it turns out, I should be just as worried about how many cookies will last until Saturday. They are so delicious and soft and I cannot help myself. I keep eating the “ugly” misshapen ones because, who wants to serve ugly cookies anyways? Really I am doing everyone a favour… unless I eat them all, of which there is a high probability happening.

Update: that cookie right there in the foreground? Bottom of the image? It’s gone. I ate it.


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