Rosedale Diner

31 Jul

We finally managed to get our fooding back on track, after a few months-long hiatus. We started out close to home with the Rosedale Diner, which was actually further than we had thought it would be. Brent had mentioned that they were known for their mojito. I balked at the idea of a drink with mint in it, gross, I said. But something about it intrigued me and I found myself ordering one. And it is a good thing I did, the mojito was amazing! Except now it has set a rather high standard that I am sure will result in many disappointing mojitos to come in the future. On the plus side, when I go to the Kentucky Derby, I no longer risk not fitting in.

Rosedale Diner- best diner patio (2)

To start we split a side of hummus with pita bread. The hummus arrived on a warmed plate, with chickpeas on top. It was amazing, easily a tie for the best hummus I have ever had. And so fun to eat! I did not even dig around the chickpeas, I happily ate them.

Rosedale Diner- best diner patio (3)

For our mains we both got duck dishes, because it would not make sense for us to both get dishes with fries, apparently. I was torn between the duck confit poutine and the steak frites. I made the right choice with the duck. It was amazing! Usually poutine is greasy and heavy, but this one somehow managed not to be. The fries remained crispy even. Brent won however with the duck confit leg. He doesn’t even like duck, and he loved it.

Rosedale Diner- best diner patio (6)

We had wanted to sit on the patio, as it was voted one of the best. Alas it was raining and we had to sit indoors. That just means more mojitos and an order of steak frites in the future.

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