20 Aug

We are slowly getting back into the swing of fooding-things, unfortunately this is just as summer is wrapping up. It seems we will soon have a mad dash to all the best patios (there is no way we will get them all by summer’s end). Last Saturday found us at Hrvati, voted best patio on which to enjoy a burger and a pint. We had been meaning to go to this one for a long time now, I was still in school when we first planned on going there.

I had originally wanted to get the gulasz (goulash) alas, it was no longer on the menu (that is how long it took us to get around to going to Hrvati). What could I do but order a burger? I was not entirely thrilled at the prospect of eating a burger, I was still in the recovery period from the CNE food building (see previous post). My tune changed once I got about halfway through my glass of Rekorderlig, as my stomach started to rumble all I could think of was food.

Hrvati- best patio for beer & burger (1)

The patio was nice and thankfully not busy. It is in what feels more like a backyard than a patio, complete with picnic benches and flowers along the fence. It is a tiny bit cramped, and I could see myself hating it if there were more people, but we had the whole bench to ourselves. Beer on the patio is a good idea, fruity Swedish cider is not such a great idea. Especially when there are flowers lining the fence around the patio, attracting bees and wasps. I was hoping my cider would be beer-coloured, but when I poured it I was shocked to see how pink it was. Brent laughed that I’d Had it so many times, how could I not know? I didn’t know because I always drank it out of the can. It’s ok, I got to laugh at him when he tried to pour his own beer and ended up with more foam than beer.

Hrvati- best patio for beer & burger (3)

The burger was OK, but it was not something to rave about and to crave later on. I wish I could have had the gulasz, it’s too bad they took it off the menu. For our second round of drinks I tried to order a plum brandy but was informed that there had been a party there the night before- and they drank it all. The waitress recommended the apricot brandy, and I trusted her (partly because that was the cheapest drink on the menu, and therefore she was not trying to upsell me). Oddly, the real standout was the pickle. It had a slight taste of cinnamon/cardamom (or another spice from that family) that made it uniquely tasty.

Hrvati- best patio for beer & burger (2)

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