La Grenouille

22 Aug

As we walked to La Societe yesterday, clouds started looming and the wind started blowing, a few drops of rain threatened to ruin our nice evening out on the patio, voted best patio for people watching. It is easy to see why it was voted as such, given it is located on Bloor between Bay and St. George a stones throw from Yorkville. La Societe has two patios, one on street level and one up above looking down.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (1)

We were lucky that it was not too busy when we arrived (it picked up around 7) and we had our choice of tables. We found one at the farther end of the upper patio with a great view of the street and the patio down below. It was indeed fun to people watch while enjoying our drinks. The wine selection was much better than the beer selection, I lucked out in that    they had two types of rose wine, both from France.

On the menu I saw that they had frogs legs, and I could not resist, we had to try it. For an appetizer the portion was quite generous, about the size of a main. I dove right in, breaking off a piece and eating it- until I got to the bone. They were not super soft and small like you get in tiny fish sometimes. Our fancy French appetizer had quickly devolved to pub fare such as chicken wings. It was so tempting to eat them by hand. Thankfully the meat was such that it nearly fell off the bone anyways, so it was easy to pry off with my fork and knife, keeping it classy. So what does frog taste like? Please don’t kill me but it tastes like a very chewy and slick (greasier?) version of chicken.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (2)

Brent had heard from a co-worker that La Societe had really good fries, so he opted for the fish & chips. I had originally wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, but that was when I thought we’d be stuck sitting downstairs (I really did think it would be busier). The chicken was the only meal that really caught my eye. Plus I wanted to see if my theory about checking the quality of a good chef would pan out: at a fancy (or perceived to be fancy) restaurant order the chicken, as in the most common everyday meat we are used to eating, and see what they can do with it. I made the right choice: it was delicious through and through with a nice crispy skin. The chicken sat on top of the potatoes- soaking them in chicken juice.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (3)

There was no way I was going to pass up a chance to eat creme brulee at a French restaurant. It came with earl grey ice cream on the side, it was good, it tasted like earl grey- though I am not sure why you would want that in the first place. The creme brulee was delicious with a strong vanilla flavour, and it was even still a little bit warm.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (4)

They also get bonus points for having plates with the restaurant name on it- too cute.


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