Brunch At Dawn*

26 Aug

*only a slight exaggeration

Rarely will I set an alarm on a Saturday morning, it is usually only reserved for popular brunch spots. And so it was with Smith, not only were we aiming to get there before the brunch crowd, but we also aspired to land a spot on the patio, voted best patio for brunch no less. We got there just after 9am and the place was still opening, still as we rounded the corner to the back patio I was a little bit nervous. Had I woken up early for nothing? Could I have kept sleeping?! My worries were all for naught, we had first choice of all the seats on the patio. Unfortunately, having not had my morning coffee just yet, I sat down closer to the entrance. Only after I sat down and looked around at the whole patio did I notice the upper section of the patio. But a large group later showed up and were told to sit there so they could all be together, I don’t feel remiss.

Smith- best brunch patio (1)

We had already looked at the menu beforehand so we knew what we were getting. I had my eyes set on the challah french toast despite the threat of ingesting bananas (even caramelized, I hate them). Thankfully the banana flavour had not seeped out and I was able to eat around the dreaded bits. The french toast was amazing, so light & fluffy and topped with fresh blueberries. We traded halfway, Brent got a half order of french toast with a generous heaping of bananas and I got half of a giant waffle with amaretto whipped cream (heavenly) and chocolate sauce and fresh (!!!) strawberries. It was a draw, both dishes were amazing and very well made. Bonus points for having fresh fruit that is in season, there is nothing worse than frozen strawberries. Unless I froze fresh strawberries because I had too many, but even then they are doomed to be smoothies and nothing else.

Smith- best brunch patio (3)

Smith also happened to have the cutest little plates (not sure what they are called, the little ones that are at the table before you get there with the napkin-wrapped fork & knife): they were so beautiful and each table had different plates. When the waiter brought me my coffee, he brought the milk in…. A TINY LITTLE MILK JAR. I wanted to steal it so freakin’ bad, it was so unbelievably cute and honestly made my day.

Smith- best brunch patio (2)


EDITORS NOTE: I ended up spending more time than I should have, searching for such a bottle to add to my kitchen. Damn you Smith and your cute milk bottle!!!

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