No Cheating!

26 Aug

I remember always being told that you cannot take shortcuts in life. Never has this been more true (at least to me) than when I tried to make crock-pot “skinny” “fried” chicken from my Pinterest board. It’s not that it did not turn out, it just doesn’t taste like fried chicken. There is no getting around the “fried” part of fried chicken, plain & simple. Not that I expected it to be exact but closer would have been nice. I did get to cook some more of the chicken I had stock-piled a long time ago when my No Frills was closing down.

Project 43- slowcooker skinny fried chicken (3)

That being said, the chicken tastes good, really good. The recipe is a bit more labour intensive than I would have preferred, it does not warrant the use of the crock-pot. The chicken would have been just as good (better?) had it just been baked in the oven. I had it in the crock-pot for the prescribed 2.5 hours, with the lid being off for the last 10 minutes. Even still I found it needed a bit of follow-up time in the oven, in an attempt to get some crispiness.

Project 43- slowcooker skinny fried chicken (4)

I would make this chicken again, but I would skip the crock-pot all together and toss it all in the oven. Less to clean, faster cooking time, hopefully crispier chicken.

Project 43- slowcooker skinny fried chicken (6)

By the way, notice the addition in the first photograph of an iPad? Makes life in the kitchen so much easier. Love it.


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