If The Patio is Full, Eat Souvlaki

09 Sep

Walking to The Only Cafe, we passed a bunch of places still on our list of where to eat. We were tempted to stop at The Big Carrot, but we wanted more time to browse around the shop as well. We were on a mission: we wanted a patio seat at The Only Cafe. Patio season is quickly winding down and we are desperately trying to squeeze in what we can. It was a Wednesday and there were clouds looming on the horizon, threatening us with rain. We were confident we would get a table, we discussed our drink options and if we would be getting food on the way there.

The front patio was taken by a lone man with a box of cigarettes. No worries, we passed through the bar and to the back patio- only to find that it was also full. Fail. Thankfully we had walked by a couple of good back-up food places on our way over. We turned on our heels and headed back from where we came, to Astoria for best souvlaki and best gyro. We had been to Astoria once before during Taste of the Danforth- and somehow we had not ordered the souvlaki.

The waitress took us to a table, inside. We never even had a chance to ask for a patio seat outside (despite there being plenty of open tables). We barely had to look at the menu, we knew what we wanted. However, gyros did not appear to be on the menu, not that bad though given we now had a chance to try two different souvlakis.

The souvlaki dinners came with two sides (rice, roast potatoes or fries). Apparently they also came with a Greek salad as a starter. I was not too happy when a heaping bowl of lettuce with tomatoes and feta cheese was placed in front of me. I poked at it, had a few bites but I could not do it, I could not eat it. Brent commented that he was surprised that I had eaten so much of it, i.e.: any of it I assume.

Astoria- best souvlaki and gyro (not there) (3)

The sides were bland, which is expected of rice, but roasted potatoes? I was surprised. The souvlakis were the real winner. Bonus points for the stick being removed before serving, saving me from having to battle it. The pork was a thousand times better than the chicken, I can now understand why there are always such giant line-ups outside of Astoria during Taste of the Danforth.

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