Mathematical Turkey

13 Sep

I downloaded a fancy new app for my iPad (you know, my bestest friend in the whole wide kitchen?) and was confident about tackling a turkey breast (just one, gotta start small and I alone can only eat so much). What I did not realize was that the app would not be too kind to my math needs. I did not get a proper result for 1/6th of a teaspoon.

Project 46- herbed slow-cooker turkey breast (1)

At some point I was standing there, holding  1/4 teaspoon and  1/8 teaspoon measuring spoons wondering out loud how much of each I needed to get 1/6th. There were fractions converted to decimal points and calculators involved. It was not pretty.

In the end I actually needed double what I had. No way was I going to re-do all those calculations (no way I could remember them). I winged the second half and you know what? The turkey turned out delicious.

Around hour 5 you could really smell like the slow-cooking turkey, it was making me so hungry. To the point that I kept cutting off little pieces of it as I stuffed it into Tupperware. It had just bumped my baked chicken fingers from being the next day’s dinner.

Also: slow-cooking turkey avoids the hassle of dry meat.

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