Apple Cider

16 Sep

Somehow I got the idea in my head to make apple cider    , and so I found myself in the kitchen on a Friday night with a giant pot of boiling apples.

Project 47- apple cider (1)

From the get-go things were going not as planned. I had not read the directions and wasted time coring an apple. Then it took forever to get the water boiling, as there is only 1 burner (a small one) on my stove that does not smell (no matter how much I clean it). I did not have any cheesecloth to wrap the spices, so I just threw them in with the water (there were other recipes like that).

Project 47- apple cider (3)

After a few hours the house smelled amazing, cinnamony and warm and just delightful. (This was eventually overtaken by the smell of the chicken I had going in the slow-cooker).

Project 47- apple cider (5)

After mashing the apples through a sieve (I lack an apple press and will not be buying one any time soon) I finally had apple cider! A whole 2 and a half cups of cider.. from 5 apples. After 3 hours of work.

Project 47- apple cider (7)

Needless to say, I will be buying my apple cider from the store from now on. At least until I get an apple press and my stovetop stops smelling so bad.

Project 47- apple cider (8)

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