17 Sep

As I was walking to St. Lawrence Market I spotted a new hotdog place: Craft Dogs. I was immediately transfixed, I madly texted Brent and in a flurry of misspellings announced my need to visit this fine hot dog dispensing establishment. I had to go, there was no way around it.


After a quick tour of the market, my friend and I headed over there. We were starving, wandering about the Market really builds an appetite. I was not fazed by the price tag, as I had experienced similiar price points at other fancy hotdog places. The menu offerings reminded me of Hot Doug’s in Chicago, I was thrilled that I did not have to wait in line this time. I was tempted to get a beer (yes, you read that right- a beer, there was one taht had caught my eye: Mort Subite*) but the $11 price tag put me off. Somehow $11 for a venison hot dog was a-ok, but for a beer?! The wonders of the human mind.

We waited for a while before our food was ready, the place was not busy therefore it gave an air of high-quality to the food. One bite and I knew it was true- these were craft dogs indeed. I wish I lived closer or had a bigger stomach. I had been debating getting the Dogfather (a pizza hotdog!) or the kobe beef hotdog, until the guy behind the counter pointed out the specials board: venison, that settled it. The buns were unusual, in that it really seemed like a piece of bread configured to hold a hot dog: the bottom was crust and around the edge was crust, but the sides where you hold it were crustless. The toppings on the hotdog were spot-on perfect, which is a lot to say given I generally despise onions. And yet there I sat, happily munching a mouthful of venison, arugula (another veggie I thought for sure I would hate and yet I love) and onions. I am proud to say I did not pick out a single onion. The only other time this has happened was when I had burgers from In N Out in the animal-style.

This place blows Fancy Frank’s out of the water, higher quality and more different meat options available. I did not have the fries made in duck+beef fat though. Maybe next time. Needless to say I was not hungry the rest of the day (if you know me, you will know that that is quite the feat to accomplish).


*I spent the rest of the walk home stopping at every LCBO I passed to see if they had it. I still have not found it. As I sit here I am contemplating walking to the only downtown location that has it in stock: King & Spadina.

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One response to “CraftDogs

  1. irene mulvale

    September 18, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    i have experienced the best hot dog in the world at craft dogs,pulled pork and onions,i however did share the fries, they were beautiful, had to share as knowone would have believed me.bang on as they say here.


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