Rosemary’s Chicken

17 Sep

At St. Lawrence Market I found an awesome deal on a giant bone-in chicken breast: the enormous thing only cost me $9 and it put everything in the grocery store to shame. I had this amazing plan to throw it in the slow-cooker with some white wine and herbs (hence the original title of Drunk Chicken).

Project 48- white wine slow-cooker chicken breast (1)

All well and good, however the chicken did not fit in my slow-cooker and yet again I had to carve a raw chicken. I have done it so many times it does not gross me out at all. It is just time-consuming and messy. I had forgotten to buy an onion and had run out of garlic, but thankfully Brent had honoured my request and picked them up for me. Up until now I have avoided onions in the kitchen, I hate them and they make me cry easily. It never occurred to me that I could chop one up and freeze it! No more ignoring onions in recipes.

Project 48- white wine slow-cooker chicken breast (2)

Project 48- white wine slow-cooker chicken breast (3)

After a couple of hours the apple cider smell in the house was replaced with a chicken smell, causing a mild panic as I had forgotten completely about the chicken and thought that somehow burnt apple cider smelled like chicken maybe? I don’t know, I was very confused.

The chicken is good albeit too heavy on the rosemary and I would put half the amount called for next time. There will be a next time, it is still so delicious.

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