Waffles & Smoothies, Booze Before Noon

17 Sep

Only- best patio (1)

With patio season winding down, we weren’t sure if we would manage to squeeze in any more. Thankfully the weather was cooperative and the patio at Only was empty. Walking there it was rather cold, but we got a nice sunny spot on the patio, it even got a little bit too warm. The wasps were out & about, trying to steal my cider as usual. I was surprised that Only had more than one cider on top, and neither was a regular run-of-the-mill cider you find anywhere. Unfortunately, it being 11am, I was not too keen on having more than one. Even one seemed like too much at times. Even more-so given that I had basically rolled out of bed, grabbed coffee on the way, and not eaten anything yet. The wasps were thrilled that I was taking so long to finish it.

Only- best patio (2)


Only- best patio (3)

We had looked at the menu beforehand, which was a good thing as we were not handed menus and had to place our order at the bar as there was no waitress on duty, just a bartender. I went with my default go-to breakfast item: waffles piled high with fruit and whipped cream, they rarely disappoint. I could see plastic fruit containers on the counter, I knew I was in for a good breakfast. Brent had the huevos rancheros of which I am not a huge fan given that I hate beans and egg yolks. The huevos rancheros was surprisingly good, the beans were more of a mush making them actually palatable and not gross. Plus it was fun to eat as it was all served a top nachos! The waffle was light & fluffy but it caused some mild confusion: the maple syrup was in a pop-top beer bottle. At first we thought the bartender had brought us another beer. I quickly put two and two together, managing not to make an ass of myself… that is until I tried to open it. It would be an understatement to say it was a struggle. Plus I got all sticky, more wasps appeared. For some reason they were more interested in the huevos rancheros, despite the growing puddle of maple syrup on my plate (they eventually wised up, thankfully this was when Brent & I had swapped for the last few bits- I mostly just had guacamole).

Only- best patio (4)


On our way back we stopped at The Big Carrot, voted best health food store. I was expecting astronomical prices for organic foods as well as things I had never heard of: and that is exactly what we found. I did find a section of cookies though and could not resist the ginger molasses cookie. The sticker on the back informed me that it was 81% organic. I did not care, so long as it was 100% delicious. To finish off, we stopped at The Big Carrot juice bar for smoothies. Only two of them really appealed to me, and then only one as I saw that the other had grapefruit in it (Brent got it, it was gross). A whole list of smoothies and juices and only one appealed to me: it was a steamed drink of lemon juice and ginger. It was delicious, they were generous with ginger, hence the name Lemon Zinger.

Big Carrot

It was only 1pm, I had been awake for maybe 3 hours and I was exhausted. A nap ensued.

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