Burgers & Bubbles

07 Nov

Best bubble tea was recently updated and so we found ourselves one Saturday night waiting in an impossibly long line for something that neither of us really likes. This was another best of that I sidelined by just having a taste instead of having a whole one to myself. Bubble tea is gross and nothing will ever make me like it. It was mildly entertaining watching Brent attempt to finish his bubble tea though.

We convinced our friends to all go out to BQM Diner that night for a late dinner of burgers and fries. BQM had been voted best sliders but I was not about to order the same thing as Brent, so I had the burger with a portabello mushroom on top. I was won again! Sliders are overrated and really only good if you are craving a burger but don;t want to commit to an actual burger and you share a plate with people. These sliders had too much bun and not enough meat. I happily traded back with Brent after just one bite.

Sliders need improvement: smaller buns and more meat. But the burger was amazing and I am glad to have finally gone to BQM- after bugging Brent that we should go for years now. Years.


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