Four States, 2013: Day 11

16 Nov

Mon. Oct. 14, 2013:

The 4am wake-up was a piece of cake given how early we had gone to bed. Surprisingly there was a person at the front desk to call the shuttle for us. Not so surprisingly, we were the only ones taking the airport shuttle. We got there so early that the security screening was not even open yet. The security guard was telling people to sit in the lounge nearby. No sooner had I sat down did I have to get right back up again, not an easy task when you are weighed down with a giant backpack.

As we walked to our gate I noticed a sign for Route 66 listed underneath Quizno’s. I was intrigued and had to go investigate. Wandering around the airport at 4:30 in the morning is mildly creepy, it is so empty and I was afraid to take any pictures of what turned out to be a Route 66 diner. Even the lights in the airport were dimmed. Apparently it was too early to even turn on the air-conditioning, I was roasting like a Thanksgiving turkey (it was Thanksgiving Day back home in Canada).

The donuts had made their way with us through security, somehow not getting “confiscated” even after the box was x-rayed and it was plain as day that the box contained delicious donuts. They survived the flight to Denver as it was too early in the day to be eating donuts. The Azteca was disappointing; it lacked the spicy kick of the chili flavour. The French toast donut tasted exactly as what was promised. After all that sweet I was in desperate need of salty. We were nowhere near a food court and our flight would be boarding soon, I had to settle for some Sun Chips from a nearby vendor. How I would have loved to go to the food court on the next floor up, they had a Ben & Jerry’s up there. This was also our first vacation wherein we did not have any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at all.

The impossibly-loud snoring lady from Albuquerque rejoined us on our connecting flight to Toronto. We were surprised she had even made it on the first flight from Albuquerque to Denver as she was sawing wood in the airport lounge last time we saw her.

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