George St. Diner

21 Nov

If there is one food item that benefits from simplicity it is grilled cheese. All you need is good bread and good cheese, heat it up (even, dare I say it, when desperate microwave it) and voila: the perfect food item. It is no surprise that it has become a mid-fall tradition, last year we went to The Grilled Cheese, this year we went to the city’s best diner: George St. Diner. It just so happened to be a place I was quite familiar with: years ago when I was a student at George Brown College I had always wanted to go there for lunch and somehow I just never got around to it- until a Wednesday night years (I felt really old when I realized how many years) later.

I was a little apprehensive about the grilled cheese, the internet abounded with rumours of a tomato in the middle of it, but the menu said nothing about it so I kept my mouth shut and hoped for the best. I got lucky: there was no tomato, just glorious cheese and amazingly good bread. As if grilled cheese was not good enough on its own: THE BREAD WAS LIGHTLY BUTTERED. Each bite was like a piece of heaven. The portions were of a good size, there were just enough fries on the side. I did not care for the salad on the side, but that is just my hatred of salads. I had just enough room to steal a few bites of Brent’s Irish breakfast plate.

George St. Diner- best diner (2)

It was a bit odd to be sipping a glass of red wine in a dimly lit, empty diner in a not-so-great part of Toronto. We topped off our dinner with dessert: a marshmallow chocolate square and a  chocolate chip cookie. Very simple yet exquisitely delicious. It was worth the rather sketch walk and having to go around the weird drunk and detouring around Moss Park (which Google Maps suggested we walk right through).


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