BLT? Blech-LT!

22 Nov

There are moments during our journey eating through the best of Toronto when I reach an impasse. I find myself staring down something I don’t want to, nay, I refuse to eat. Majority of the time it is something I have had before, multiple times in multiple ways, and still do not like. For those dishes (most notably best salad), Brent will order it and I will have one tiny bite, so I can at least say I tried it.

The best of list really hit the trifecta with the best BLT from Brick Street Bakery: I hate tomatoes, can barely stand lettuce and I don’t exactly love bacon (unless I haven’t had it in forever). Instead I opted for the cutely (and aptly) named Boxing Day which consisted of freshly baked bread, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was more than just a tasty sandwich. It was giant and basically a full meal. I only ended up eating one half, the other ended up in the fridge…. leftover leftovers-sandwich. Hah.

BLTs are just not my cup of tea.



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