Seven Lives, Seven Tacos

23 Nov

Our original plan for the evening was to get best ramen, alas the line was out the door and people were literally waiting around outside- in the rain! It was so cold outside! We went to Kensington instead.

Of all the things we had learned in our previous fooding adventures, I am not sure why this one regret stuck out for us: we had gone to Hot Doug’s in Chicago, waited in a line-up around the corner for over an hour.. and in the end each ordered only 1 weird hotdog, and no regular plain old hotdog to compare. Regret. Now when it came time to eat the best tacos in the city, newly voted Seven Lives we each planned on getting two. Until we got in there and started debating over which tacos to get. That is how Brent ended up ordering “one of each, except the daily special” which was sold out anyways. That was 7 tacos between the two of us. And these were no small tacos: they were behemoths. Giant messy behemoths. I ended up with so much onion bits and sauce down my sleeves, it was getting annoying. There was no clean way to eat the tacos, just a giant mess, bits falling out the side, sauce all over.

Seven Lives- best taco (1)(that is just two tacos)

The majority of the tacos were seafood based (which explains the name and the reason why their logo is a cat). Seafood is all well and good- in small amounts. Too much makes me feel ill, and we did not have enough non-seafood tacos to balance it out. The pork taco was amazing, but it did not hold a candle to the spicy shrimp. The octopus taco was good, but it was piping hot compared to the rest and thus I did not get to eat much of it. On the side I had sangria soda, it was good but a little too sweet.

We walked back in the cold horrible rain, plastic bags of a takeout containers in tow. We had ordered too much food and would continue eating once we got home. We ended up stopping at 7-Eleven as well to top off the night with some Phish Food Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (it’s finally here in Canada!!!!!!!!).

As it turns out, tacos are not a good leftover food. They don’t survive so well once they have cooled down. Were they the best tacos in the city? They were pretty good, but better than Grand Electric? Yes. Better than Tacos El Asador? No, I liked Tacos El Asador for their size and simplicity, there was nothing out of the ordinary about them (compared to Seven Lives’ one really odd taco we had with cactus): just meat, tomatoes, onions etc…



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