A Stud & A Dud

26 Nov


I finally had almost all the ingredients for yogurt chili rub chicken, all I needed were some jalapenos. I was a bit worried, as I had heard (and seen) horror stories of people handling them and then rubbing their eyes. Thankfully nothing so disastrous happened. The only real disaster with this recipe was the pan afterwards. I have learned for next time to wrap the chicken in tinfoil before placing it in the pan because scraping off baked on yogurt sauce is no picnic. I soaked it overnight and still no-go, I had to scratch it off with a knife.

Project 50- yogurt chili rub chicken

I hadn’t cooked off Pinterest in a while and felt I was on a roll so I decided to keep things going by baking a strawberry-lemon bundt cake. I still had the Greek yogurt out from the previous recipe, so I just used that in place of butter- that way I could have my cake and eat it too (hah). Turns out an uber-healthy cake with no butter/oil/margarine is a disaster in the making. I turned it out of the tiny bundt pan (I finally got around to using it) and it looked like an oversized donut, that was OK. The trouble started when I tried to cut a slice. It was gelatinous. Remember jello-yogurt, that horrible snack from the 90s? It was like that crossed with about 10% close resemblance to cake. It was gnarly and so I tossed it along with the rest of the batter (my bundt pan was so small I had to split the batter in two).

No more baking with Greek yogurt, butter and margarine for the win!

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