Hungry Insomniac: Enough Food for an Army

27 Nov

Another in our series of best late night eats was best late night, and best delivery, Chinese food from New Ho King. I am not a big fan of these best “late night” foods, as it tastes the same if I were to eat it at 5 in the afternoon. I hate having to wait around (even though most of these places are open earlier in the day too) before getting to eat. I start snacking on stuff, which is exactly what happened: we ended up going to Shoppers and getting some chips, soda and candy to hold us over until the evening. We had also run out of TV to watch and so a Simpsons marathon ensued, watching Season 3 only reminded me how bad The Simpsons has gotten. The episodes we were watching were from 1991-1992.

New Ho King- best late night and delivery chinese (1)

We ordered 3 dishes and 1 appetizer, a stuffed crab claw that I insisted on having: it was delicious and so much fun to eat. Turns out 3 dishes was way too much food. We had before us a feast of spicy chicken, calamari and chicken-fried rice. Two platefuls later I was moaning, I had eaten way too much. Even still, with multiple platefuls each and some occasional snacking after we barely made a dent in it all. We had an entire meal in leftovers alone. The spicy calamari was even tastier cold. It was all delicious but it was too much.


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