Hungry Insomniac: Shawarma

27 Nov

We had learned from our previous foray into best late night food not to get snacks beforehand. I had been hoping that Ali Baba’s Middle Eastern would deliver to us, so we wouldn’t even have to leave the house (it is November- the weather sucks) to eat best late night shawarma and falafel. Alas, we were out of the delivery range and thus out of luck. We would have to walk the 20 minutes to get our late-night dinner.  Brent was set on ordering two, I got only one, and even that proved to be a bit much towards the end.

Shawarmas are a very messy food, all neatly wrapped up in a pita. As soon as you take one bite you unleash a pandora’s box of tomatoes, lettuce, meat (in my case chicken), red cabbage and everything else. There was hummus all down the side of mine. It did not help that we were watching Roman Holiday, thus I would only periodically look down and see a piece of chicken with some lettuce affixed to it via hummus on the floor. Messy but tasty. You get an entire meal conveniently wrapped up in a pita. Furthermore, everything in there is so mixed up it is impossible to pick anything out: they got me to eat tomatoes. My only question about why it was voted best: is it because there is one on every corner downtown?


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