Florida, Take 2: Day 6

23 Dec

Thurs. Dec 12, 2013:

Having spent the last few days either sick or on our feet, we opted for a lazy day at the resort. Maybe we were wrong in disliking resort life? Maybe it was really awesome[1]? The morning was cloudy; we hid out in the house for a while, all reading. Brent and I headed to River Island for a day of fun, while Tasha & Greg went off on a mission to find a quiet place to read that was not playing Christmas music. We bought passes for River Island, allowing us unlimited mini-golf and tube rentals for the lazy river. It felt like a waste to buy a 3-day pass, but they did not have single day passes.

It was rather cold out (compared to the past few days), we decided to leave the lazy river for the afternoon. I was a bit rusty, having not played mini-golf for years. That was the excuse I gave myself for my poor performance, with an abysmal 20-swing hole. My total score was double Brent’s score (61 to 119). I did manage to get a hole in one though; I at least had that over Brent. The sun was starting to get stronger, it was hotter out and the UV was climbing: lacking sunscreen, we had to hide out indoors. We had been given 100 credits each to the arcade, which at first sounded like a lot… until the guy said it would get us 1-2 games. Apparently he had forgotten they had some old-school games in there for much cheaper (Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong). We had lunch at the only place that was open. I barely glanced at the menu; as soon as I saw “grilled cheese” my mind was set.  There had been a girl yelling and the waitresses and some patrons all ran over, but it turned out she was just playing and did not actually need help.

Having just eaten a large lunch, it seemed like a bad idea to go swimming. Thankfully there was a second mini-golf course on the island. We decided not to keep score this time. It figures that when we are not keeping score, I do amazing, getting a score of 3 on the first hole. We caught up to a family and rather than play past them, we decided to hang back and see who could get a hole-in-one first. It was fun but also frustrating. I managed to get 1; Brent beat me though, getting 2 hole-in-ones. There were some suspenseful misses. The sun had gotten much stronger and it was getting really hot outside. Plus the Christmas music playing on the golf course was really getting to me, it was louder than by the pool.  We retreated to the lazy river, tubes in hand. It was too cold to float along the river, it was warmer to stay in the water and hold on to the tube, slowly floating along the river. It was fun bobbing around, desperately trying to avoid the water cannon and waterfalls. We passed by Greg & Tasha, who had the best seats on River Island, right beside the water spouts thus drowning out the Christmas music. We did not last very long in the river, bailing on it and running for the hot tubs.

The Christmas music was really starting to get to me, alas we could not find Tasha & Greg so we walked back to the house, but not before stopping at the arcade so I could play skeeball. Once we had regrouped we decided to go to Applebee’s for dinner. We joked that we were old people given we were going for dinner so early; it was only 4 in the afternoon. I ordered the signature drink: apple sangria. What they did failed to mention was that it is served to you in a giant bowl with a stem, not a glass. It felt like I was drinking from a fishbowl. Brent and I had ordered pretzel bread sticks to share. They came with a disgusting amount of cheese on the side. Things only got worse from there. My Cajun steak was completely over-salted. We traded halfway, but the half-rack of ribs that Brent had ordered was bland. The meal only confirmed my feelings about Applebee’s: meh, it is just the American version of Jack Astor’s. I had been contemplating dessert at Applebee’s but I had a very specific craving for cookies which, for some reason, were not on the menu.

The downside to staying in a resort that resembles a gated neighbourhood is that there are no vending machines nearby. It would be a half hour walk to the nearest shop and even then, I was not sure if they sold cookies there. Another downside is being unsure if a cab will be able to find you. We needed a cab the next day to take us to the airport at 5:00am. Brent called the front desk but they were just as unsure. We sat around the house awaiting trivia at the Legacy Sports Bar. I was not sure if it would be sports trivia or general and an internet search proved inconclusive.

No one was paying attention during the team naming, therefore Brent just wrote down “Greg’s Team” on our ballot. We were up against 3 other teams, and there were prizes for 1rst, 2nd and 3rd places: we were confident we would do well. There was one team who were unstoppable, getting all but 1 question right. To be fair, they had twice as many people as other teams. About halfway through trivia one team had left, we were a shoe-in for at least 3rd, even the team that came in halfway would not be able to make up the points from the first half. There were a few upsets during the game, making things all the more fun. One question was “what is the capital of Canada”, we cheered and shouted. The trivia master said that a surprising amount of people get that one wrong and indeed half the teams did get it wrong. Another question was which month has the birthstone turquoise. Of the group I knew the most birthstones. I said December, but Brent insisted that his birthstone was white. I racked my brain, repeatedly questioning him. He was insistent. Tasha said it was a winter month. Brent and Greg said summer months. Again, I questioned Brent: how was he so certain? Finally I caved and said January, even though I still really thought it was December. What was the final answer after all that debating? It was December. I threw my arms up in frustration and went back to eating my Jack Daniels chocolate cake (which only half filled my cookie craving).


We were always quick to answer so the trivia master would entertain us while the others debated. He showed us a magic trick wherein he turned a regular deck of cards all into 7 of clubs. We tried desperately to figure it out. Tasha knew, apparently she has training in magic tricks. Greg knew, someone had done the trick for them earlier in the week and Tasha had told him in confidence how it was done. We were so close to getting it out of Greg but he withheld.

Arguably the biggest upset of the night was the final trivia question. Here you could bet all the points you had earned à la Final Jeopardy. The question was: which planet is the only one to spin counter-clockwise. We puzzled over it, all drawing blanks. Then Brent piped up with Venus. We questioned him; he said something about it being a little understood planet. Greg mentioned having read something about this recently. Greg also has a physics background; therefore it was much easier to believe him when he said Saturn. Plus Saturn has all those rings. Maybe I was also still recovering from the birthstone upset, but I sided with Greg, who already had Tasha on his side. I was not 100% sure though, I did not want to bet that many points. Greg insisted that we bet all of them. A compromise was reached and we bet 39 of our 41 points. The answer was revealed: it was Venus. Brent stood up and shouted, pointing to the original ballot that said Venus. It was easily the most hilarious upset of all time. We still managed to come in 2nd place. Our prize was a $10 gift voucher to any resort restaurant. Alas, it was not applicable to alcohol so we could not use it then.

I was exhausted, all I could think of was sleep, it was only 9:30pm but we did have a 5:00am cab to catch in the morning.

[1] Nope. Resort life is not for Brent and I.

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