Hungry Insomniac: Opa!

27 Dec

When you’ve gone from a 24-hr flu bug to a cold a few days later it is not that surprising to end up with sinusitis a week and a half later. That is where I found myself one Friday night, walking home in the freezing rain with a pulsing pain in my temples. Brent had suggested we go out for best late night souvlaki and gyros/late night greek. I declined. There was no way I was leaving the house again.

Messini's- best late night greek-pita-souvlaki (4)

We settled down for a nice quiet night in, aptly playing Pandemic (while I held a hot pack to my head, just to add to it). Eventually Brent got hungry… that brave soul went out in the freezing rain to Messini’s. The food was amazing. I had ordered grilled octopus and a pork souvlaki. Brent, with eyes bigger than his stomach, ordered 3(!!!) pitas. The pitas were giant, the bread was so fluffy and light. For some reason they were stuffed with fries? It was a good addition. The real star was the grilled octopus, each bite was a little piece of greasy (it was smothered in olive oil) chewy heaven. As has become the tradition, we feasted while watching old episodes of The Simpsons, most notably the Mr. Plow episode.



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