“Nothing Fancy Since 1967”

07 Jan

As soon as I read the above line on The Patrician Grills menu I knew I was in for a good breakfast, they were after all voted best greasy spoon (a phrase I do not understand, I was apprehensive about this at first, it sounded like a spoonful of runny eggs soaked in bacon fat).

My order was settled almost immediately, pancakes and coffee. Only Brent, inexplicably, beat me to the punch and ordered coffee. I stared at him quizzically and ordered no drink- I was certain that after one sip I would be drinking his coffee. Not even one sip, he slid it across the table to me and explained that it came with the dish he wanted to order, a fair enough explanation.


The diner has a really nice atmosphere and they were playing good music, the time flew by and our dishes arrived in no time. We had in front of us a feast of epic proportions: I had a plate piled high with pancakes, Brent had a plateful of eggs, bacon and hash browns. I had a bite of the bacon and hash browns: I usually hate hash browns and am not much of a bacon person… except apparently at The Patrician Grill. It was unbelievably delicious. I declined a bite of the sunny side-up eggs, I am still off eggs thanks to overdoing it with that giant fritatta the week before. The pancakes were light and fluffly, and most importantly: not dry. There was the slightest hint of vanilla, and I swear they were made with buttermilk. Needless to say, I polished off all but one (it’s not nice to not share one’s pancakes with others).


I wish The Patrician Grill was closer to my house, this could very well have been a weekly tradition: Saturday Morning Pancakes.


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