Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcakes (All I Need is Puppies)

08 Jan

I thought I would start the new year of “I Will One Day Attempt to Make This” by going out and actually buying the necessary ingredients rather than substituting whatever the internet says I can. I had my eye on the Beer Bistro Cookbook that has yet to be cracked open. I found a recipe for buttermilk beer buns, and oh what is that? There happens to be some Moosehead in the fridge. DIBS. Alas, the recipe called for bread flour so I had to put it off for at least a day until I acquired some bread flour.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a craving for rainbow vanilla sprinkle cupcakes– I had to make them. Albeit with that my above resolution went *poof* out the window. For one thing I subbed 3/4 apple sauce to 1/4 margarine (making for a post-Holiday treat after which I won’t need to buy new pants). All was going well until to my horror (yes, horror) I realized that I was running low on regular flour. Fudge! Thankfully I had bought a little too much whole wheat organic bread flour (only once I got to the other aisle did I find the regular bread flour, damnit all) and so I “borrowed” some bread flour and hoped for the best.


I was going to forgo the icing but cupcakes just aren’t cupcakes without icing. Also the whole wheat addition kind of shows through in the flavour of the cupcakes. But as usual, I lack the necessary ingredients and so I am stuck here with a plate of naked cupcakes until I buy icing sugar. I will be testing out a new icing recipe I found that instead of butter (remember how much I hate buttercream icing) uses greek yogurt which gives it a little bit of a tangy flavour, like cream cheese icing (which I love!). We shall see if this fails or hopefully not?! How can it not, it is from a website called Cupcake Project.



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