Snacks For Dinner

14 Jan

I was recently flipping through the Beer Bistro cookbook and I happened on the recipe for steak tartare. Brent mentioned that 416 Snack Bar had just been voted best steak tartare in the city. Our dinner plans for the next day were set: we were going to a snack bar!


I was a little wary about our plans. For one thing Black Hoof and Beer Bistro both serve up amazing steak tartare, would 416 Snack Bar really be able to beat it? It was on par with them but it is hard to say it was the best. I was worried before when I saw on the menu that their whole thing was that the meals were “utensil free.” How on God’s green earth are you supposed to eat steak tartare without a fork?! Easily when it is served to you on a slice of baguette. The real knock-out was the chicken, it was spicy and saucy and delicious. Thankfully that one was served with a wooden skewer sticking out so your hands stayed clean. I was not too keen on the spicy hand tuna roll, it was tasty, I was just not in the mood for sushi. The “After Eight Jos Louis” was a cruel punishment: I loved the cake and the chocolate coating but hated the middle which was minty cream cheese. It looked so tantalizing and I was constantly tempted to take another bite, despite my dislike of mint.

IMG_20140108_182422 (steak tartare)



416 Snack Bar is rather small. We got there and it wasn’t too busy, but soon the evening rush arrived and we got moved from our table up to the bar (one of the downsides of being a party of two) and then we had to move down the bar again to make even more room. Towards the end it was getting uncomfortably crowded. The service was fast and we barely had to wait between dishes.


On the way home we stopped at The Rex, to listen to the city’s best jazz but the band had just finished and the next one would not be playing for another 2 hours or so… we bailed and headed home.

I was still hungry, snacks are no substitute for dinner.

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