Update: I Will One Day Attempt To Make This

14 Jan

As of late, nothing has been turning out in my kitchen. It is half due to my lacklustre attitude, replacing things when I don’t have them (for example making an equivalent to buttermilk by adding a tablespoon of vinegar to a glass of regular milk). This has to stop. So many times I have looked forward to eating something only to have it flop and my newfound craving go unfulfilled.

Plus all those baked goods are never good for the waistline. Hence my new plan: I will bake sweets once a month, BUT I will follow the recipe as is (i.e.: no more subbing in apple sauce/greek yogurt for butter/margarine). I will also buy the necessary ingredients whenever possible (I did manage to find green chiles the other day, I thought they were forever lost to New Mexico). And slowly but surely I will amass the kitchen gadgets I need to ensure my successes* (scale, donut pan, etc..).



* My mixer just broke, add that to the list.


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