Best Ramen

20 Jan

We had tried to go to Sansotei Ramen for best ramen once before, but we had made the mistake of going around 6pm, when everyone is hungry for ramen. Of course, there was a line-up out the door and we bailed. For our second attempt we planned it out much better. This time we would go when the place opened, 11am on a Saturday how could that possibly go wrong?!

Having barely slept the night before (not out of excitement, but because of work) it was amazing that I got out bed before 10am yet I was so slow and sluggish that we made it to the ramen place at 11:30am. As we walked there, passing by ominous clocks showing that it was past 11am. I wondered if it was really possible that the place would be so busy on a Saturday morning, it’s just ramen, not exactly a brunch food.

Turns out I was wrong. We got the last two seats. As soon as we sat down I realized why they were the last ones left: no one wants to sit by the window, facing out. It was awkward watching people walk up to the restaurant and get turned away and told to come back later. Things only got more awkward as our food arrived and people could see us eating.


It was awkward trying to eat the ramen as the noodles were too long to eat with spoon. I spent a lot of time chasing noodles with my chopsticks. Given the awakrd nature, we did not swap bowls halfway in. It was hard to eat half the broth and half the noodles, then switch. Plus, I did not want to give mine away, it was so good. I had gotten the spicy one that was available in limited quantity (so they said), while Brent had gotten the original one. He had a sip of my broth and agreed, I had won.


The ramen was delicious, despite being hard to eat at times. The only part I did not care for was the egg, I hate egg yolks unless they are disguised as in french toast or omlettes or better yet: cakes. The pork belly was actually good, the broth had a strong enough flavour to distract me from the fatty texture of it- which I usually find off-putting.

Also: beware, the portions are huge!




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