$1 Chili- Sort of

29 Jan

I swear I went in to Loblaws just to buy milk, but as soon as I laid eyes on some fresh green tomatillos, it was settled: I was making chili! To be more specific: turkey chili. I did this a little backwards, going grocery shopping before looking at the recipe- I admit it. It did not help matters that I was voraciously hungry. Thankfully I had saved up my points (one of the upsides of living off my credit card) to pay for it… and so I paid $1. Hah.

I got home and looked up the recipe for easy (fine, child-friendly) turkey chili.Having the measurements for spices was what I was really after, I had a mind of my own as to what I was going to throw in and how I was going to prep the turkey meat. I fried the minced turkey, but using chicken stock instead of oil. I was pleasantly surprised when that actually worked out fine (I was rather skeptical given my usual healthy short-cuts end up as failures). I tossed stuff in the crockpot: beans, corn, tomatillos, mushrooms. I did not have any tomato sauce so I added some spaghetti sauce (it is made with tomatoes) and figured that the rest of the tomato flavour would come from the tomatillos (I assumed they were of the same family- they are not). Continuing with my “witch over her cauldron” streak, I threw in some hot sauce and orange peppers just for good measure. After adding the turkey I realized something terrible: there was no more room in my crockpot! It was crammed full. I glanced at my still-half-full container of mushrooms and shrugged. Oops.

The turkey chili came out amazing. Easily one of the best recipes I have ever cooked. In fact, it has turned me from a bean-hater to a chili-fanatic (i.e.: I no longer eat around the beans). Turns out that red kidney beans are really good when they are cooked for a long time until they reach a mushy consistency.

I am officially a chili fanatic, so much so that no sooner had I polished off that batch than I found myself yet again in the kitchen frying up some ground turkey. This was another unanticipated chili. I was in the grocery store and I found a lonely can of chilpotle (the label had a typo) peppers in adobo sauce. My eyes widened, I had been looking for that for almost a year!! For what recipe, I really cannot remember. (Maybe I should have saved them, will I be able to find them again?). This time I did not have any green tomatillos, so I added some green tomatillo salsa to the crockpot along with half an onion (which I lacked last time). After a while I was curious and tasted some- holy God it was hot. And I don’t just mean the temperature- it was a damn spicy chili, maybe two and a half alarm?  Turns out chilpotle peppers in adobo sauce are spicy!! And of course there were jalapenos in the green salsa. It was a good thing I resisted adding cayenne pepper to my chili, maybe next time.

I love chili.


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