Lobster and Jazz

31 Jan

This was it, we were finally going to The Rex for some best jazz bar in the city, so we could finally cross it off the list (and then never ever go there again). We had it all planned out. We would go for the earlier show! Before the show we went to Rock Lobster (yes, the song by the B-52s of the same name gets stuck in my head every time I hear that) for best lobster roll. We were both rather skeptical with regards to the lobster roll, as in the past lobster and lobster rolls have proven to be too much (it is one of those foods that you can only eat a small amount of it, and very quickly it becomes too much). Usually there is too much mayonnaise, or it is just a giant heaping mess that halfway through you are sick of. The plan was to switch halfway if that were the case.

I had originally wanted to get the lobster mac and cheese, but it had recently been taken off the menu. No worries though, I got to order the lobster poutine (I was torn between the two). I was voraciously hungry, and insisted on splitting an appetizer. We ordered the fried clams with corn- popcorn that is. We were presented with a small metal bucket full of popcorn and fried clam bits all drenched in bacon bits and grease. It was an odd combination, the clams making up for the popcorn’s lack of crunch. It was also a terribly messy affair, there was no eating it with a fork.


The poutine was served in a skillet and it was the neatest, most nicely organized poutine I have ever laid eyes on. The fries with gravy were on the bottom, then the cheese curds were evenly spread about with a generous heap of lobster meat squarely on top. And I wrecked it all with my fork, making sure I had a piece of each all on my fork all in one giant bite. It felt like there was gravy all over my face. The gravy did manage to overpower the lobster a little bit, but the real winner in the whole mess was inexplicably the cheese (I say inexplicably because I am not a big fan of cheese).


The lobster roll was amazing (well, the two bites I had). The bun was as plain as it gets, thus not taking away from any of the lobster flavour. The mayonnaise was subtle and barely noticeable, just enough to hold everything together. Nothing fancy to it, just the right amount of mayo to lobster ratio and a plain white bun that managed to hold everything in. Perfection.


We finished just in time to walk over to The Rex. The band had just taken to the stage, alas all the premium seats had been taken and we had a long table all to ourselves. I was honestly surprised at how many people were at the jazz bar, for 6:30pm on a Wednesday when it was damn cold outside. It was nice to sit and relax with a cup of tea while the band played, even if the bar itself is blech and not to my liking.


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