The Priest

10 Feb

Burger Priest recently opened a new location- much closer, at Queen & Spadina. I thought I should give them a second chance. Plus I was craving burgers real bad. I had previously been kind of meh towards Burger Priest, maybe it was just my grumpy mood, maybe it was my inexperience with sopping-mess-of-a-burgers. Either or, it was time for a redo.

I would not settle for just a burger, I wanted fancy, outrageous etc.. The Priest fit the bill, as I had previously had less than stellar experiences with “grilled cheese sandwiches for buns”: it was a burger with a breaded and fried portabello mushroom (their version of a veggie burger) on top. Really it was a combination of two burgers: a regular and a veggie. I was unsure if there would be cheese involved as it did not say on the menu, but the veggie one on its own was served with cheese. I secretly panicked that I would be eating a cheeseless burger.


It is no surprise that I was voraciously hungry when we got there, I was also worried. Last time we went to Burger Priest the line was out the door, and this was just after opening hours. This time we arrived about 15 minutes before closing… the place was eerily empty for a Saturday night downtown. Luckily they also sell cookies, which was just enough to hold me over until my monster of a burger arrived.


I can understand why Burger Priest was voted best cheeseburger since our visit: the cheese was amazing, it made the burger twice as good. It was a messy affair and at first glance I was afraid I would hurt my jaw trying to bite it, but it was easy to mash down to a biteable height. Yet again I found myself in burger heaven (although I admit it did make me yearn for In N Out burger afterwards).


Brent was apparently hungrier than I… he went back for seconds. And not just another cheeseburger, oh no, he had his eyes on something bigger! He ordered The Priest, Vatican style. So a regular burger, veggie burger, cheese all sandwiched between two grilled cheeses. I was wary of it, as last time I had an epic burger like that it was impossible to eat and at some point I was eating just bread. In this case it turned out awesome because the bread itself was amazing (it had been buttered).


I cannot stress this enough: Burger Priest has the best cheese I have yet to try on a burger.


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