Buffet Saturday

14 Feb

  Best Indian buffet was recently updated, luckily to a place, Banjara, that was open on Saturdays so Brent did not have to skip work for it. It also happened to be around the corner from best new cafe of 2013. Would we live to regret going to a cafe before going to an all-you-can-eat buffet? Nope.

De Mello Palheta- best new cafe 2013 (1)

It was so tempting to order one of every baked good at De Mello Palheta, but I resisted, thinking of the buffet tables full of food around the corner. Thankfully my latte was adorably tiny. I had no idea what I ordered, it was something with a p—- latte. The dulce de leche square was amazing,the sour cherry brownie was more of a cake than a brownie, but still good. I was intrigued by all the coffee extracting paraphernalia that they had behind the counter, but it was hard to tell if it was for show or for actual use. The regular coffee menu was also confusing, part of the reason I ordered the latte was because I did not know what an “extraction” or something or other coffee even was and it cost about the same.

De Mello Palheta- best new cafe 2013 (2)

I had high expectations for Banjara, last time we went the butter chicken was amazing. To be honest I found it about the same as the places on Queen Street, the difference being that Banjara has buffet on weekends as well. The only other thing was that they had maybe a few more dishes on offer, most notably the paneer was delicious. I wish they would bring you a basket of naan to the table though. After our first plates we sat there staring at each other, our plates were covered in delicious sauce and we had nothing to sop it up with, the naan at the buffet had run out.

Banjara- best indian buffet (1)

Once again I had to embarrassingly admit defeat the buffet table, after a paltry showing of eating only two plates- at least the naan had been restocked for my second round. We were in and out of there in half an hour.

Banjara- best indian buffet (2)


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