Brunch on a Tuesday?

19 Feb

We were worried that we might never get around to Avenue Open Kitchen for breakfast, owing to Brent working 9-5, making it hard to go out for food in the middle of the day. That is unless his day doesn’t start til after 1pm! We had found a scheduling loophole: he had to stay late at work, therefore went in late and rejoice! we finally got our best cheap breakfast fix.


From the outside Avenue Open Kitchen looks less than spectacular and yet we were still worried that on a Tuesday at noon we might find ourselves walking an extra 20 minutes for brunch to R Squared (again our backup). We lucked out and got the last table, the place was busy. No sooner had we placed our order, I was staring down a mountain of french toast. I had been expecting 1-2 slices, not what looked like half a loaf. One bite and I knew why-fore the generous portions: it was out of this world amazing. Somehow the bread managed to retain some softness with just the smallest outer layer of crispiness. It was somehow light and fluffy and not overly greasy. We both agreed that I had won, but you can’t go wrong with a plate of eggs and bacon and hash browns either.



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