Saturdays Are Made for Late Greasy Breakfasts…

19 Feb

Or not. Apparently the city’s best cheap breakfast place, Avenue Open Kitchen is not open on weekends. I was floored when I saw the sign. A brief panic flashed as I contemplated a 20 minute walk to R Squared, voted best cafe for free wifi, on an empty stomach. I shuddered and was dreading it. Thankfully Le Gourmand, aka best cookie in the city, was just around the corner from Avenue Open Kitchen so we backtracked one block. Which is not that big of a sacrifice given it meant the difference between walking on an empty stomach or snacking the whole way there.


There were very few cookies left, thankfully Brent spotted another tray and rather than being evil and snatching up the last two chocolate chip cookies, we got the second last one and a chocolate chip walnut cookie. The difference between the two was rather stark. The chocolate chip cookie was so soft, the walnut one was crunchier but the walnuts made up for that. I am still of the mind that the best cookies are the pudding-based cookies from Artisano Bakery though.


We never made it to R Squared because we passed by P&L Burgers (an offshoot of Parts & Labour) just after open, and it was not yet busy. It was the right decision, we had the place all to ourselves and we had the first burgers of the day. P&L has one wall dedicated to drawings, there are washable markers nearby and I admit: I got way too much giddy joy from being able to draw all over the wall, alas I lacked inspiration and resorted to scribbling.



The burgers were fancier than Burger Priest, the bun being something more than just white bread. But how did the burger as a whole fair? It was definietely delicoius, a good alternative if you do have the time for Burger Priest- but it is no Burger Priest. The cheese on my burger was on the reserved side. They do get bonus points for the bacon, adding that much needed crunch that was missing at Burger Priest (it was a sopping cheesey mess of goodness).




On our way back home we passed through Kensington Market to pick up some organic goodies from the best health store in the city. It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. Never have I felt so out of place as I did there. There was so much stuff I had never even heard of. We managed to find some recognizable items at last: soda, hummus and some veggies for the hummus. But not without getting lost. We somehow ended up in the pharmacy section. This place is not big, it is tiny and cramped. I was glad to be out of there. The veggies and hummus tasted no different than non-organic. The raspberry soda tasted much less artificial, but there is no way I am going that far for soda regularly.



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