Twix Brownies

04 Mar

Since the early days of my I Will One Day Attempt To Make This project I have been looking for the perfect excuse and right amount of non-laziness (not sure what exactly that is called) to bake these bad boys: Twix Brownies.

So what was the magical combination that brought is about? Two birthdays and a house-warming, with a generous dollop of stress-induced need for chocolate. Although is it really a nice thing to give diabetes as a gift?

Twix brownies are as labour-intensive as they look. The bottom layer is a cookie crust, and in an attempt to stick close to the recipe, I passed over the graham cracker crumbs and reached for a box of Nilla cookies.. as in whole cookies. It was a royal pain in the ass having to drop handfuls of cookies into my tiny chopper, there are so many handfuls in a box!


The next layer was brownies. I hate boxed brownie mix, and unlike the author of the original recipe, I do have a homemade brownie recipe I like: Tollhouse brownies! I opted out of adding the hot fudge, seeing as these brownies are perfect and don’t need it.

At this point my pan was almost full to the brim but I still needed to add the caramel and chocolate layers! I ended up constructing a box around the edge, lined with parchment paper for easy lifting out of the pan. The caramel layer was also labour-intensive, having to unwrap all those caramel squares. More than a few got eaten before they could reach the pan. After the caramel layer the whole mess of a thing had to go in the fridge to cool. Ditto again after the chocolate layer.


What I did not anticipate was needing to refrigerate it after cutting it into pieces- I learned this the hard way when I peeked in and to my horror I saw that the chocolate layer was starting to slide off as the caramel warmed to room temperature. Thankfully it did not turn into a horrid mess, I just put it back in the fridge. For some reason I did not anticipate them to be so tall, despite the fact that they would obviously be so tall given all the layers.


The reactions I got started out with cries of deliciousness (mmm and oohh) and ended up with desperate pleas for milk. They turned out delicious, but really you can only eat 1, maybe 2 if enough time has elapsed. A fun tasty novelty, but not something I will make often, if ever again.



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