Key Lime Pie

13 Mar

Our friends had come over to visit one weekend with the intention of imbibing in gin & tonics (just about the worst drink in existence) yet somehow they got distracted and never cracked into the gin. I was left with 2 limes and a bottle of tonic water. I quickly found out that tonic water is disgusting and not even close to the same thing as club soda. So much for a week of Italian sodas.


There was no question as to what I would make with those limes: key lime pie. I had been meaning to make one since last summer when I went to Florida and got a postcard with a recipe on it.  Turns out it is a similar recipe to the Oprah-endorsed one I had on Pinterest.

The recipe is easy as, well, pie. It is even easier if you are super lazy and buy a pre-made graham cracker crust. Ok fine, part lazy, part… so embarrassing… I do not own a pie dish *hangs head in shame*. I soon figured out why it took me so long to get around to making this pie: it requires condensed milk. I’ve never really baked with it before, I am not familiar with it at all. And here is where the recipe loses points, I had to use a can and a half- leaving me with half a can of condensed milk that I had no idea what to do with. I found a fudge recipe online and lived to regret it bitterly. That damn fudge took my orthodontic wire off and left me with a piece of wire hanging down from the back of my teeth for a whole weekend.


The pie turned out pretty tasty, but not quite limey enough in my own opinion. Everyone said I was crazy and that if it was any limier it would be gross. Will this be a staple in my kitchen? No. Sweetened condensed milk is too expensive, sticky and has so few uses that it makes almost not worthwhile. Thankfully I found a recipe   that doesn’t use sweetened condensed milk. I will try that one next time they leave limes in my fridge.



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