Pizza? Pide!

13 Mar

If you know me, you know I have a weak spot for pizza. I love, love, LOVE it. What’s not to love? It is a greasy soppy, cheesey mess! Hence the reason I was super excited when our plans last weekend involved going to get the city’s best pide (Turkish flat bread pizza) from Pizza Pide. I had ulterior motives however, when I googled the route it suggested taking Gerrard to Pape, for an extra 5 minutes we could avoid Gerrard and take Danforth instead.

It just so happens that the newly opened Von Doughnuts is at Pape and Danforth, fancy that! It was decided that we would go there first and if they were sold out we would stop on the way back instead. Thankfully they were not sold out. We decided on three donuts, any more and it would be too much: a lemon donut with meringue and filling, chocolate mocha donut and a creme brulee donut. The donuts were light and fluffy and fresh. The lemon one was easily the best, the lemon filling was so good! I was not happy about the powdered sugar however, as that ended up all over my face and jacket and scarf. The creme brulee actually had a burnt sugar top to it.


We arrived at Pizza Pide hungry, the donuts were just a snack. Brent ordered the most popular one in which each section had different toppings. I kept it simple and got the one with Turkish sausage. I tried a bite of each piece but gave up after the one with lamb- I am not a fan of lamb. The only other one left to try was the spinach, and I was ok with not trying it. The Turkish sausage was by far the best one. The pide was giant and unbelievably greasy, so much cheese crammed into that flat bread. It was just as good cold for dinner.




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