Reeses Mini Cookies

17 Mar

Pinterest is a minefield for me. Every time I go on there I find myself following a long twisty path to a land of sweet temptations and end up with a mini-bloat of my I Will One Day Attempt To Make This board. I add more than I can make and I almost always end up stuck on a new recipe, wanting to make it so bad. Case in point: Reese stuffed cookies. No matter what, I could not resist making them. They were a must. I had wanted to make them for the house-warming party but our allergic-to-peanuts-friend* was supposed to attend so I ended up making the Twix brownies instead. The craving did not go away, in fact it got worse.

Our anniversary was fast approaching, the perfect excuse for making them! Plus we were supposed to have a games weekend. I was too lazy to actually wrap cookie dough around Reese cups, so I tinkered the recipe and instead added mini-Reese cups. Out of habit, I ended up using the chocolate chip cookie recipe from my Tollhouse Cookie recipe book. Somehow the dough felt lacking, the Reese cups were too far apart (due to size) so I tossed in some chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. The dough was much tastier.


I made these in advance, I had a busy week coming up, and stuffed them in the freezer… not before baking myself a test one, just to make sure they were ok. Because we were expecting a games weekend, I did not bake all the cookies at once. Instead I kept the dough in the fridge and baked them on an as-needed-basis. In theory this sounds like a great idea to prevent overeating of these heavenly little cookies. The trouble is that you instead end up overeating the cookie dough itself.

d727c12eaa3111e3a6510e6c328043b6_8 These cookies are horribly addictive, you have been warned.

* thanks to him the cookies have an alternative name now Panday-Killers 


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