Wool Anniversary

18 Mar

For our 7 year anniversary we wanted to go somewhere nice. Unfortunately Bar Isabel and Jacobs & Co. were both fully booked for that day, we Bar Isabel had an 11pm opening but that was too late. Best Italian had recently been updated, a new place out in our old neighbourhood: Campagnolo. Thankfully we managed to get a table. The place was packed, we watched people arrive and sit at the bar waiting for a table to open up.

The menu was not entirely clear between entrees and appetizers. We had each ordered an appetizer as our main and a main to split as an appetizer. It turned out to be the perfect amount of food, given how many cookies we had eaten before leaving. We started off with the bone marrow. It was delicious and fun to eat. It was served in half a bone with a spoon for scooping it out. There were little pieces of bread to spread it on.

Up next we had the fancy mozzarella on buttered bread. I am not a huge fan of cheese, except in its perfect form: melted. We were presented with a giant ball of cheese, under which you could barely see the bread, surrounded by warm grapes.


The main was waygu steak. I had really high hopes for it, and migod did it deliver. The steak was amazing. It had been a long time between our appetizers and main. I joked that we were going to get a very well done steak, but secretly I was afraid that might happen- they had not asked how we wanted it done.

We had not overdone it on the dinner, and I got my way: tiramisiu for dessert. You cannot go out for Italian and not have tiramisiu. It was delicious, with hazelnut flavour and the slightest hint of lemon at the bottom.


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