Ginger Molasses Cookies

22 Mar

Never have I been taught a lesson more than when I almost messed up the Ginger Molasses Cookies I found on

My molasses is nearing expiry, which warrants a batch of cookies of course. It would seem I went through a ginger-molasses cookie phase as this is the third recipe I found on my Pinterest board, also the last. I skimmed the recipe real quick and thought nothing of it, I had all the ingredients. But something did not quite feel right. Was molasses really supposed to just hold all the spices together, making the dough? Where were the eggs, the butter, the sugar? Turns out in just glancing over it I missed the *important* part where they mention making the basic cookie dough recipe first and then adding the molasses etc to it. Oops. Thankfully I caught that before attempting these, that would have been embarrassing.


Candied ginger proved hard to find, and when I did find it it was way too expensive to justify buying it. I figured the cookies would be fine without it. The cookies are delicious but not as good as Martha Stewart’s. The recipe is also a rather small batch, which is bad when you are a notorious dough eater. I brought some home for my family- by some I mean one each- and my mom made fun of me saying: oh what, only one cookie? How nice. And we laughed after I explained.

And I still have a tiny amount of molasses left. It is driving me nuts.



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