Adventures in Molasses

26 Mar

As it turns out, molasses comes with an expiry date (who knew!) and mine was about to go bad. I had one last ginger cookies recipe all the way at the bottom of my Pinterest board (making a grand total of four if you are keeping track). This time I tackled the Joy of Cooking’s gingerbread men recipe. Nothing says Lent like gingerbread cutout cookies, right?


This recipe called for more molasses than the others, which was a good thing I thought, I would use up the rest of it. I found out too late that molasses is a key component in barbeque sauce, it would have been nice to know after about the second batch of ginger cookies when I still had enough for sauce. Ah well. Turns out I didn’t even have enough molasses for the cookie recipe. My arms got exhausted having to hold the container upside down (even after leaving it upside down for a while)    as the last little bit of molasses dripped out ever so slowly, it was agonizing. I only had half the amount needed for the recipe, off I went scouring the internet in desperation. Turns out I could just sub in some brown sugar (which the recipe mysteriously omits). The day was saved!!!



This was by far the easiest gingerbread cookie dough to work with, even though it had more molasses than I am used to working with (I guess that would be because it also had more flour). It actually formed into two nice rounds as opposed to the usual ungodly sticky mess that I am supposed to somehow form into round balls (hah, what actually happens is misshapen sticky blobs). At some point I had to knead the dough with my hands. The dough has to be refrigerated for at least two hours which is worrisome because any cookie dough is in danger of eating if I am around.


It was fun to break out all my cookie cutters. Nothing says spring-that-is-more-like-winter than gingerbread chick cookies. Were they the best gingerbread* cookies? No. That might be due to the lack of molasses (I am willing to re-do these one day). I still think the Martha Stewart ones by far take the cake… erm, cookie. The cookies are more flavourful, there are a lot more spices in them which is bold and scary- but damn does it taste good.

* it is worth pointing out here and now that I have been using the following interchangeably and thus this might not be a fair cookie show-down: ginger-molasses cookies, gingersnaps and gingerbread cookies. They are all cookies. They all have varying amounts of ginger, molasses and allspice. Yes I occasionally sub in allspice for ground cloves, as my kitchen is still lacking.


Up next: we have people coming over on Saturday and I want to bake something from the bottom…. dammit. Every time I complain to Brent or my sisters that I tend to neglect older pins, opting for the new “shiny” ones prominently displayed at the top of my board they start singing Drake’s starting from the bottom and it enrages me. But yes, I would like to bake something from then, there is a recipe catching my fancy for pumpkin cookies but the odds of my being able to find pumpkin pie filling at this time of year seem not-so-great. We’ll see.


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